Sunday, July 5, 2009

27 Ways to Earn Money Online
Table of Contents
Part One: How to Start a Home Based Business
How to Choose a Home Based Business
Five Basic Types of Home Based Businesses Online
Setting Up Your Home Office Scams, Shams, and Con Artists

Part Two: 27 Ways to Earn Money Online
Where to Find Clients
1. Ghostwriting articles
2. Design Graphics
3. Post on forums
4. Post on blogs
5. Writing Articles for Pay
Websites that pay for articles
Sites that share ad revenue with writers
6. Pay Per Sale, Affiliate Programs, and Commissions
7. Develop Your Own Product
8. Develop Your Own Product with PLR
9. Record the PLR as an Audio, or record your own product as an Audio
10. Get Paid to --- Take Surveys, Receive Offers, Read Email, Blog Your Way to Success
11. Using your blog as a billboard
12. Using your blog as a review site
13. Ads on your blog
14. Sell the Blog;
Get paid to blog sites
15. Submitting Links to Articles, Websites and Blogs to Social Networking Sites, Social Bookmarking sites
16. Posting Ads for other people
Other Classified Ad Sites
17. Squidoo Lenses
18. AdSense
19. Set Up a Website and Sell the Site
20. Buy and Sell Domain Names
21. Social Networking Sites
22. Set Up an Ecourse With PLR or your own material
23. Distribute a Newsletter
24. Sell Stuff on Ebay
25. Become a Virtual Assistant
26. Bum Marketing Article Directories
27. Set up a Membership Site

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